AI Dating

AI Dating

What to do when you end up single during a pandemic in 2020? Create an AI to deal with dating apps for you! Analyse bios, messages, pictures and more! Or just use this as a desktop client for Tinder (and Bumble) or to scrape some data for research purposes!

An augmented desktop client for dating apps


I have been looking to start a fun project in python for a while now. I had not used python much except for simple scripts to quickly deal with a large amount of files.

This time I decided to make a slighly more complex project, more specifically I wanted to work with:

  • GUI with Qt (Started with pyqt5 and moved to pyside2)
  • Multithreading (Useing QThreadPools)
  • Networking and Data Scraping (using roborowser and request)
  • Machine learning and AI (using tensorflow nltk and opencv)
  • Bundle up and release a python program (Tried py2app and py2exe but ended up using pyinstaller)

So far I managed to implement a simple GUI using Qt for Python started with PyQt5 and moved to PySide2 halfway.

The GUI is responsive and everything is done in the background through QThreads and QThreadPool.

The API is a reworked and extended version of:

So far this tool is nothing but a horrible Desktop client for Tinder, but I am determined to keep working on this project! I swear I won’t move on to the next random project as we all do!

[WIP] List of features:

  • Download recommendations in the area
    • Get profiles’ metadata and pictures
  • Download your own matches:
    • Get profiles’ metadata, pictures and messages
  • Download own profile data


  • Heaps of stuff to do, so far I have the skeleton of a simple list with a circular avatar

[WIP] Technicalities:

I always like to write down what I have implemented so in the future I can look back at how I had done it:

  • The GUI is developed in PySide2
    • Every widget such as lists and feature buttons are new widgets
  • I tried to keep the API as close to the original as possible but I ended up changing a few things
    • In praticular I added logs and callbacks to call its functions in the background
    • The bakground worker can call any API method and pass an arbitrary number of parameters (both positional and keyword)
  • General unhandled exceptions are handled through sys.excepthook0
  • When developing with PyQt especially with multithreading it’s often the case that errors and traceback are not printed. I decided to use a library called faulthandler which handles crashes and prints a traceback
  • The app can be bundled to an .app or .exe executable through pyInstaller. Oh man what a headache to get this working on Windows with its .dlls which are NEVER where they are supposed to be and can never be found!

[WIP] AI Features

  • Mmmmh… There’s a lot of if-else statements if that’s the kinda AI you thought you’d find
  • Going to implement some NLP to getter a better idea of what the general bios are. The most common sentiment, topic etc…
  • Similarly, I’d like to add some face recognition to get features like: ethnicity, hair color, type of pics (selfie, professional) etc…
  • In the future it’d be cool to have an AI which can learn fro my likes/dislikes and only swipe on the best matches but this is not the purpose of the project anyway


I only tested this on my macbook and personal laptop so not sure about other systems.

I use Anaconda since it has a qt package with the qt plugin needed to bundle the program to an executable. Either way you’ll need PySide2, robobrowser, oyaml, qdarkstyle, faulthandler or just install the requirements with pip -r requirements.txt or conda install --file requirements.txt and pray for the best! That should actually be it, you can just run it with:


There might be a few fixes to make before it can, first and foremost there is some incompatibility with the library werkzeug used by roborowser/ If that happens you can run


And it should fix it for you, otherwise you can do it manually: Open [site-packages]\robobrowser\\ and edit the following line:

from werkzeug import 


from werkzeug.utils import 

Stay tuned!

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